The Programming team works hard (most of the time) to bring our robots to life. The life cycle of a MorTorq programmer begins with learning Java, the language we use to program the robot. As the year progresses, various members of the programming team branch off into other aspects of computer science, using professional software to delve into server design, Javascript techniques, mobile and game development, website creation, and other facets of programming. Finally, once a student is considered a veteran, the students become the new teachers, giving lessons on Java programming to the new kids.

What We Do

On the robot, the Programmers implement basic functions like driving, but the bulk of their work goes into implementing elements of artificial intelligence for autonomous mode. Programmers work closely with the build team in order to make the code’s functions and the robot’s physical abilities complement each other. The programming team also works on various other projects, including an iPhone app, the team computer game, and MorScout. MorScout is a multi-platform system designed to streamline the scouting process, utilizing a specialized server in conjunction with mobile and web apps to essentially crowdsource scouting at robotics competitions. More about MorScout.

Watch programming leader Ben Heller conquer a monthly Fedex Challenge using skills he learned from coding with team 1515:


Our Mentor

William So


William is a programmer with more than 10 years of experience in various sectors of the tech industry.

Programming Leaders 

Ben Heller


Ben is a senior at BHHS and this is his fourth year on the robotics team. He is one of the co-captains of the programming team, making the robot react to the actions of the drivers and creating applications unrelated to the robot. Outside of robotics, he enjoys learning more about programming and playing computer games.

David Baum


David is a senior at BHHS in his fourth year on the robotics team. He is  a co-captain of the programming team. Apart from spending his time at MorTorq, David performs in the school marching and symphonic band as a trombonist. He also enjoys to further expand his computer science knowledge on the side, as well as indulge himself in a wide variety of books.

Arvin Zadeh

Arvin is a senior at BHHS and this is his fourth year on the robotics team. He is one of the leaders of the programming team, and specializes in web, server and iOS development. Outside of robotics, he enjoys socializing with others.