Rob and Doc

“Doc and Rob” is a TV show starring two lovable puppets — a crazy scientist and his befuddled robot — as they learn STEM concepts from the human members of Team 1515.
Selected episodes of their antics air on MorTorq’s Youtube page, and new episodes air on KBEV (Local Time Warner Cable Channel 6) every week on Tuesdays at 5pm, with new episodes airing every other week. The dynamic puppet duo also make appearances in classrooms doing live shows for elementary school science classes in the Beverly Hills Unified School District.


This year, the Media team produced a brand new weekly radio show in collaboration with Radio Airlift, Beverly Hills High School’s student-run radio station. The show featured entertaining and informational segments about the goings-on within Team 1515 featuring various team members, mentors, and our puppet superstars, Rob and Doc.

The show streams every other week on Monday nights at 7pm PST, streamable on the TuneIn radio application or directly through Radio Airlift’s website.

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Hopper: Volumes I and II

Hopper is the story of a 12 year old girl exploring a strange new world. She uses her unique skills of engineering and problem solving to get out of sticky situations and help those in need. Word of her heroic deeds spreads across the land, and Hopper makes some amazing friends… and some powerful enemies.

The story of Hopper was written by Robert Katz (Volume I) and Matthew Sater (Volume II), and illustrated by Nicole Leibman, Lauren Scheide, and Jane Pak. Read it here!

The comic books have been translated into 10 languages including Hindi, French, Farsi, and Chinese, with more translations on the way.


Hopper: The Picture Book

The character of Hopper also stars in a book aimed at a younger audience, “Hopper Follows Her Dreams”. This picture book tells the story of a young Hopper who can’t quite fit in with her peers. Whimsical illustrations accompany a heartwarming story teaching self-confidence and FIRST values.





Join John, Angie, Matthew, and Cookie in their daily lives at the STEM organization, even if some drastic changes may be on the way.

STEAM is a series of comic strips inspired by the concept of STEM which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Recently among few of the community, Art was added to the acronym, making it S.T.E.A.M.