Electrical / Pneumatics

Students in the electrics/pneumatics division have many responsibilities that directly affect the robot's functions, performance, and the success of our team. Electrical team members focus on robot wiring and piping. This involves power distribution, voltage regulation, motor controlling, pneumatic contol, air compression, actuating pistons, and creating a powerful and competitive team robot!


Sasha Kubichka

I joined robotics in my sophomore year as a part of programming. During the build season of my second year, I learned about the electrical systems of the robot. I then joined the newly founded electrics/pneumatics branch, of which I am still an integral part now.

Jett Barber

I joined robotics in my sophomore year as a part of programming, however during build season I learned how to wire the robot. In my second year I founded and began to lead the new electrics and pneumatics branch, which I still lead now. I enjoy finding new ways to make the robot more efficient and flexible.