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MorTorq’s Build subgroup is responsible for creating a functioning robot every year that tailors to the annual FIRST build challenge. Students are given a six week period to design, prototype and manufacture a working robot that is equipped to compete at the regional and national level.


 What We Do

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 9.07.00 PMThe CAD (computer aided design), mechanical, electrical, and programming teams work together to take on that daunting task. The mechanical team begins by prototyping different types of manipulators and robot chassis designs in order to come up with the best solution to the challenge at hand. The CAD team works to integrate robot components using Solidworks modeling software in order to create the blueprints for builders to work off of. The mechanical team then interprets those blueprints and starts to assemble the robot from the bottom up.


The electrical team works closely with mechanical and programming teams to ensure all electrical components function properly and that the robot functions the way it should. Outside of build season, the build team also manages the robot at competitions and maintains relationships with other FRC teams, thereby forming a community of helpers and problem-solvers.

We also wrote a helpful manual to help budding teams learn how to build robots, using our previous bots as examples.






Here is the build team safety video:



Build Leaders

Robert Sher


Robert Sher is a junior at BHHS in his third year on the robotics team. He is currently one of the presidents of the entire team. He currently works on the fabrication of the robot and deals with some aspects of electrical. Apart from his time working on the mechanics of the robot, Robert is on the teen advisory board for the city of Beverly Hills, a member of the medical science academy, and a member of both the water polo and golf teams at BHHS.

Yu-Jin Kim

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Yu Jin Kim is currently a senior at BHHS and joined the team in her freshman year. She began as a programmer, but in her second year decided that build was better fit for her interests. She is now the observational leader of build, helping in the mechanical fabrication aspects of robotics. Outside of robotics, she spends many hours on Netflix and video games with her friends.

Dalton Han


Dalton Han is a senior at BHHS and started robotics sophomore year at another high school (Team 2035 Rockin’ Bots), and joined MorTorq his junior year. He is currently Co-Vice President of the build division and leads the electrical sub-division with Robert Sher. He specializes in fabrication and electrical for the team. Outside of robotics, Dalton runs for the varsity cross country and track & field team and makes YouTube videos.