About This Site

Every year, our mission is to make the site an informative portal about our team and the FIRST Robotics program. Want to learn how it was built? Well, you’ve found the right place!

Student Designed, Student Built

Students of the website team have built the entire site that you’re currently viewing. This year, we decided to redesign the entire site, adding tons of new sections and updating the design with something more exciting and more accessible. At the beginning of season, we plan content for each page and develop over 20 user scenarios that to target and plan for. We then split into two groups, one group handling content development and the other group handling aesthetic and ease of access.

Helping Others

We made our website code open source to give back to the FIRST community, hoping to give young teams an example to learn from. We also wrote a getting started guide for other FIRST teams, in addition to the marketing materials and build manuals accessible through the site.

Supporting Emerging Web Standards

Before we wrote a single line of code for the website, we had to decide on which new browser technologies we were going to use. Members of our team are huge proponents of the fast-moving HTML5 standard (we ♥ you, Ian Hickinson!) and its accompanying CSS3 standard. If you’re looking at this website through a modern web browser, good on you! You’re experiencing this site—and the web—as it was intended to be viewed!

While we understand that using newer standards such as HTML5 and CSS3 involves removing support for outdated browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 and 7, we accept that tradeoff in light of how much development time we have saved as a result and an improved user experience. We officially support the latest major versions of Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. This gives over 98% of our viewers a pixel-perfect experience.

Entirely Open Source

FIRST is all about Gracious Professionalism. This philosophy aligns perfectly with the spirit of free and open source software. Rather than closing off our website’s source from the world, our team decided to release it for free so that other teams may read, modify, and use the code for their own websites. The openness of our website ensures that every team member has the ability to improve upon the site. In fact, if you’d like to read it or submit a modification to the site, you can do so right now in our GitHub repository. If you’re part of a FIRST team, feel free to use any of our website’s code or assets to build your own team’s site. Need help getting started? We can help.

We thank James Lee and Jake Yukich for creating this website