2008-2009: Shoot for the Moon

This season, MorTorq decided not to set a specific goal, but rather an all-encompassing objective. In conjunction with FIRST’s recognition of the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing, our team decided to push the limits and strive for excellence by making our 2009 theme “Shoot for the Moon”. Team 1515 was honored to represent FIRST in the documentary “Imagine It!2.” This production focuses on how imagination and innovation, along with science and technology, can provide the answers to tomorrow’s problems and how future generations can help solve the world’s grand challenges. The documentary premiered at the National Academy of Engineering in Washington D.C. and was later aired on television worldwide. Promoting FIRST among our community, the team held a book-and-toy drive for patients in the Pediatric Ward of Cedars-Sinai Hospital and families at the Gramercy Homeless Shelter for Women and Children. They also brought MorTorq’s TECH robot and let the young patients drive the machine. MorTorq has made giant strides in communication methods, utilizing various media tools to spread the message of FIRST within the team and community. Constantly updated with blog posts and pictures showing the team’s progress, MorTorq’s website also chronicles the team’s history, outreach, and volunteer services. Additionally, MorTorq continues to run its popular TV show, MorTorq TV, which reaches 35,000 Beverly Hills residents and the entire FIRST community on video-sharing sites as YouTube and as a podcast on iTunes.


  • Safety Award (Denver, CO)
  • Team Spirit Award (Denver, CO)
  • Judges Award (Los Angeles, CA)


 2009 Robot: “MorBit”

  • Nicknames: The Turret
  • Weight: 120 lbs.
  • Height: 60 in.
  • Width: 32 in.
  • Length: 37 in.
  • Drive Train: 4-wheel tank drive
  • FIRST Game: Lunacy
  • Explanation: Lunacy’s field was designed from a material giving the robots reduced traction, simulating low gravity on the surface of the moon. MorBit spun and threw balls, or “moon rocks,” into carts behind each opposing robot to score points.